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When your heating system does not work correctly, usually you are facing these 3 situations.

  1. No hot water
  2. No heating
  3. Neither hot water nor heating

If you notice loss in comfort because your water changes temperature while using hot water or the pressure is not high enough. Then have a look to section 3 below. Especially if this occurs already some time.

We help you now to find the most probable source of your problem, finding out if your problem is with your boiler, with your heating circuit or with both…or just a switch turned off. For this you should not ask somebody to come over.


No heating No hot water Neither heating nor hot water

Of course, you checked that your radiator valves are open. Problem solved?

You also took a look on your thermostat – should be switched on and the heating program should be active. If your thermostat does not work and you are not sure what to do, get help here

Check if you have hot water. If yes, go on below. If not switch to 3. Your boiler might be switched off.

So, you have hot water but your heating does not work. Your Thermostat is working, but the radiators do not get hot. In this case you might have a problem liked to your heat pump... the hot water does not get into your circuit.

We highly recommend to book an intervention to get this problem fixed.

You checked whether your heating is working? It works, then go on below. It actually does not work, go to 3. Your boiler might be switched off.

Your heating is working, but still no hot water. The problem is within your boiler. Tell your analysis to your technician!

Is your boiler switched on? If not, switch it on and try if you get hot water and your heating starts to work.

Have a look if the water pressure of your boiler above 0? If there is pressure, go on below. If not either try to fill up the water or get help here

Your boiler is switched on?
Do you hear the flame when heating or when opening your water? Nothing is heard. You might have a problem in your gas supply or in your valves inside your boiler, get help here.

Boiler is blinking and an error code is shown. Insecure about how to proceed, get help here.

Last checkup for you...

Gas boiler: Your main gas supply to your house is open? If yes, you should book an intervention now. If the valve was closed, open it and check if your boiler start working. Insecure on how to proceed, get help here.

Mazout boiler: Your mazout tank is still full enough? The valve is open to get to the boiler? Still no improvement? Get help here.

    In case you have it on-hand, provide the following info to your technician:
  1. your boiler brand,
  2. your boiler’s position in your house
  3. ideally your boiler age or boiler model

This will give him a pretty good insight on how to get quickly on top of your problem.

Your problem is maybe linked to other elements in your heating system

Have a look to typical situations causing problems

In case you face other problems, here are some “best of” topics helping you to funnel your problem in.

  • Your boiler goes into safety mode. From time to time your boiler will go out. You can restart it by turning it off and on again. The problem could be related to:
    • Not enough water pressure in your boiler. Your heating circuit is out of water and therefore the boiler enters the safety mode.
    • Your CO2 evacuation is not working properly. Eventually, the CO2 is not evacuated properly. This can lead to increased CO2 concentration in the exhaust tube near your boiler. It's a security problem! This needs to be fixed. The solutions range from servicing your boiler to adapting the conduct to avoid this problem in the future. Get help here
  • The water pressure decreases from time to time and you have to add water several times a year.
    • You could have a leak in your boiler. This can be very small and does not affect the temperature of your water at first. But if you need to add water to your heating circuit, you also add water to your circuit that has a higher level of oxygen. Oxygen increases the pressure on your piping and actually increases the leakage ... if nothing is done to repair the leak, this could become a big problem for your boiler. Maintenance or repair is strongly recommended. Get help here
  • Water leaks below or beside your boiler.
    • You could have a water leak near your boiler. A small intervention could be useful to check that your boiler is working in the best conditions.
    • Do you think you have a leak in your boiler? You must check. Get help here
  • The heating is working but not as good as it should.
    • In this case, your hot water circuit and your boiler are working properly, but this seems not to be the case for your temperature regulation. If you have an outdoor temperature sensor, there may be a configuration problem or the sensor may be defective.
    • If the temperature is only regulated by your thermostat, and not with an outdoor sensor, your heating program may need to be reconfigured. More and more boilers are controlled by intelligent thermostats that use internet / wireless (wifi) to know the outside temperature. But the vast majority of boilers are controlled by thermostats connected via cables in the wall.

In case of doubt, contact us here, book your Maintenance in 3 simple steps or get help with an intervention for a fixed price and for the moment when it suits you best.

Tipps and Tricks:

to avoid rewriting your problem when booking, just copy the most relevant section describing your problem into your reservation. You gain time and our technicians get well prepared to ask you directly when fixing the exact timeslot for your intervention.

Your problem has not been solved ?

Bad experience with an intervention?

You do not have time for a “DIY”? You had already someone at home but he could not solve your problem? You are disappointed because the price and quality of the intervention do not match your expectations? Your "usual guy" could not do it? Now, are you hesitating on a next intervention to fix it? We know your time is precious; but waiting for the problem to go away or get even worse is not the best solution.

Send us a brief description of your need. We select the right technician for you and plan your intervention according to your ideal moment - when it suits you best. Or, contact us by direct message (Whatsapp) and we will contact you to define together the best solution.

In any case, we offer you a fixed price and you only pay when you are satisfied - after the intervention. A few days later we ask you for feedback by phone, making sure everything is fine and as planned. We suggest you check our “FAQ” Frequently Asked Questions section before booking.

Do not get frustrated, get a second opinion

You googled a fixing service for heating, or you got someone's number by referral, the guy seemed sure of his solution, but you're not entirely sure it worked. In addition, the decrease in your comfort at home has become a “hot topic” at the dinner table in the meantime.

Maybe it's the second or even the third time in a while that you had the same problem or had to buy another spare parts you did not know about. And still, your problem is not solved. Perhaps you have just renovated and you are not sure if you should get another opinion. Or maybe the technician came for 5 to 10 minutes and he charged you a full hour without your problem being solved completely.

Worse, you have been living with your problem for some time and you have even started cheating your own heating system, boiler or sanitary installation ... either to get it restarted, to skip its safety checks or to manually change its functions. The more time passes, the more likely you are to cause serious damage to your installation. Your next intervention must resolve your unacceptable situation!

What does a Dingdone intervention? What can you do to prepare the intervention at best?

Cleared access to your problem:

We are sure you provide good access to your problem zone at home. By having direct access and a bit of clear space in front of your problem, our certified technician can directly get to work and make sure, he fixes your problem asap.

Your availability by phone is key

You will get an email confirmation AND a phone call by the technician to confirm the exact timeslot. After this call you have his number to provide further infos or contact him in case you have unforeseen timing issues, making sure you can re-schedule if needed.

Send some pictures to the technician:

A picture says more than 1000 words. Here you can make a big difference, allowing the technician to prepare himself even better, taking along often small but relevant parts to do the fixing. Send us your pictures using WhatsApp or send them via email to info@dingdone.be.

Last minute change of your planning? No problem, we are flexible!

You can either cancel or postpone your intervention for free up to one hour before the scheduled date. Please contact the technician directly for this. Unless he has your new timing proposal, he considers you are present and the intervention is planned.

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