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You need help to fix your heating or boiler

When your heating system does not work correctly, usually you are facing these 3 situations.

  1. No hot water
  2. No heating
  3. Neither hot water nor heating

All 3 problems can occur slowly over time or suddenly – when having a morning shower. A non-functional heating system requires a professional and certified intervention. But, although you are not an expert, there are several important things you can check yourself to inform your technician – it will help him to prepare and fix your problem faster. What can you do in the meantime?

Our network of experts to get your problem solved

We offer a network of certified experts, active since 15 years. Our technicians also work a lot for clients of major insurance companies in Belgium. Thanks to our technicians, customers have access to a solution to often very important and complicated repairs of severe damages. At the same time our technicians fix your heating problems. Because of this, we can offer you a good diagnosis and fixing of your problems – the moment that suits you best.

We offer you a fixed price, transparent for you. Following the intervention, our experts will leave the zone clean. A few days later, we always check your situation and satisfaction by phone – we do that since 15 years! Chat, call, send an email and let us know what we can do for you.

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