Your guarantee, our service

Your booking = reservation

Your booking is a reservation. We need your payment details to make the booking. You only pay after the intervention is done.

Your flexible appointment

We know unexpected things can happen, even when your appointment is already scheduled. That is why we offer flexibility.
Cancel and postpone your booking to a new date for free up to one hour before.

Your satisfaction ensures our service quality

We kindly ask you for your feedback after every intervention. This allows us to constantly evaluate our network and deliver the best services to our customers.

Fixing parts - Spare parts

* Fixing parts: are used to fix your problem and getting you operational again without needing to replace critical parts but only to fix the existing ones. Fixing parts can be rubber rings, insulation parts, any elements to close a leakage on tubes among others.
  Spare parts: In case critical parts of your existing installation cannot be fixed you need to replace these critical parts. Only then you get operational again. Usually these parts then need to be ordered and you would get an invoice for the cost of the part(s) to be replaced. This cost is on top of your fixed price for fixing, securisation and diagnostics. Spare parts are for example a circulation pump, a heat block, an exchanger valve, a new reservoir for your toilet, specific water taps and tubes, among others.

Our intervention options

Fixing intervention Fixing intervention including spare parts
Transport and travel costs and on site diagnostics
Securisation of your problem, i.e; in case of leakages or a non-compliant heating. In case your intervention would stop here, you benefit from a discount on the fixed price.
Small parts and any equipment, brought in the truck to fix
Replacement of critical parts and spare parts
€ 188,00 (1) The technician will make you an additional offer only for the part(s) (2)

(1) Fixed price for working hours during the week, 6% VAT included.
(2) You can either accept or refuse the add-on costs.