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What are the services you offer? Fixing of your Heating and plumbing problems at home!

You have a problem with your heating system and your boiler, you have a leakage, a blocked tap or no hot water? We help you! You choose when you need us to be there! During office hours, in the evening or on the weekend. Book your intervention like a hotel room reservation, cancel or postpone up to one hour upfront for free.

When can I get the intervention done?

You get it 24/7, depending on your urgency. Weekdays, evenings, weekends – you choose when we have to be at your place.

How do I book?

First, you choose your type of problem to be fixed, you indicate your email and postcode and request your estimation.

In the second step you can choose the timeslot and day when you want the technician to come. You provide a short description, you choose the right VAT.

Finally, we ask you your contact details as well as your payment details to make the booking. You will get your confirmation by email and will be contacted within 2-3 hours by the technician for the exact slot.

Why do you need my email and postcode?

You will receive your confirmation to the email indicated and the postcode tells us who of our certified technicians is the right one for you. Thanks to Dingdone you can book fast and easily your intervention for a fixed price at the moment you want.

Where can I further describe my problem?

Thanks to your first description we get a good idea of what you need. If you would provide more information to the technician, you make sure he arrives well prepared to your home. The main possibilities to provide additional information are:
  1. Section when choosing your preferred moment of the intervention
  2. Also, you can directly contact the technician upfront to finalize and change the intervention moment, in case you need to postpone
  3. Of course, you can provide photos of your problem. By this the technician could make sure he brings all parts with him to fix your problem quickly
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Why do you need my credit card details to book the appointment?

Reserving, using your credit card, you confirm your firm request for an intervention – which we take very serious! You book your intervention similar to a hotel reservation – it is the same principle. We offer you a fixed intervention price based on your provided details. We take your request very serious and will contact you swiftly.

When do I have to pay?

You only pay after the intervention is done and validated by you. Your card will not be charged before!

What is included in the price?

Everything is included to fix your problem including travel costs, all the parts the certified technician has in his truck. In case you provided further input like photos upfront, your technician will make sure he has necessary parts with him. To get you operational again, he will dedicate the time needed to get it done, using his skills, tools and small parts.

In case you also need a critical spare part, the technician will tell you and make you a specific proposal to proceed. In that case he asks you an additional approval only for this part – which of course you are free to accept or refuse. If the offer is ok for you, he will order the missing parts and come back to replace it.

Is the price really fix?

Yes, it is! Based on 15 years of experience and more than 30.000 interventions our technicians have clear ideas on how to help you. This is how we offer fixed price interventions to fix your problem, making sure your concern is solved quickly so you can focus on more important things than your boiler or your leakage. We commit to this price upfront and stick to our commitment.

If our certified professional would detect additional topics that require your attention and that might be going beyond your initial request for fixing, both, you and the technician will conclude together on how to proceed. The technician will make you a proposal for the additional costs.

How does the intervention work?

When the technician arrives at your place he will make his diagnostic and he will ask you to confirm your intervention request before operating. He will inform you about progress and – if needed – further input or approval from you. Once finshed he will come back to you to explain his intervention and ask your validation. That’s it!

How does the invoicing work?

Once your intervention is finished and validated by you, the amount is also confirmed. Then your payment is made. You will be invoiced by the technician. In case you had additional works realized, you will get a second invoice only for those. In case of further questions following your interventions either the technician or Dingdone may help you. The feedback call some days after your intervention are a good moment in case you have questions or suggestions.

Why do you ask my feedback?

We ask your feedback to make sure you are satisfied. By this, you make sure we keep up the customer satisfaction and the service quality of or nation-wide network. For this we will contact by phone or email some days after your intervention.

Who is Dingdone?

Dingdone is part of RAMI Services, active since more than 15 years in urgent fixing of heating and plumbing (www.ramiservices.com), offering its services nationwide and 24/7. We are a Luminus affiliate.

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